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3 peoples in one call


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with snom one 4.5 corona and a 370 with 3 extensions module sometimes when there is alot call comming in the same time ( 5 to 8 calls) i put the calls hold and then when i transfert one call to an extension there is a third person from another call

how it's possible and is it possible to block the possibility to be 3 in one call


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If you are using the buttons(BLF) to transfer the calls, there was defect in that area. We fixed it in the next version. In this version you have the option to configure the buttons in different modes. Check out http://snomone.wordpress.com/2012/03/23/busy-lamp-speed-dial-etc/ to see what's in the next version.


If it is not related to buttons, please provide details.

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Make sure that file was downloaded properly (i.e., completely). We have tested this here and does not seem to have any issues with the service start.

i ve downloaded 3 times and always the same problem


i ve tried on two snomone win 32 on windows xp pro it's the same error

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It is an IP Helper DLL. Seems like windows XP does not come with it. It is safe to download it from the internet (Some info regarding this DLL is here http://xpdll.nirsoft.net/iphlpapi_dll.html).


If you still have issues, we can re-spin the version without the DLL requirement.

i check the system32 and i ve got iphlpapi.dll snompb4.jpg

what wrong , no problem whith 4.5 1030 ?


i ve just saw that you put a new version now the snomone service start again

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I ve try the new version and i program the BLF as Monitor and speed dial and sometimes there is problem for doing a transfert.

example : ext 40 (snom 320) answer , then click the 44 BLF button and then 2 times transfert and the call go on the mailbox of the 44

is it normal


Tomorrow i try with BLF button in monitor speed dial and pick up i said to you if it's better

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