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Version no more ringback

Marc-Andre Dufault

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Hello all,


I got an issue this morning. The pbx service was taking a lot of cpu, so a decided to restart it and after the restart no more ringback for the incoming callers.


Stopped the service, restarted, did diffrent things on trunk setup like force local ringback..... restarted again. No luck. Decided to revert to an older version i have used 6 months ago and guess wath ? Problem solved. Am i the only one who had this problem ?


Is there a known fix for this ?



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Couple of things depending on the situation.


  • If the calls are coming in (i.e., your phone are ringing) and the caller do not hear the ringback, please check if the ringback.wav file still exists in the audio_xx folder.
  • If the calls are not coming in at all, make sure that firewalls are not blocking the executable.


BTW, force local ringback is only for the outbound calls (sending the ringback to the extensions).

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Is this a SIP trunk? Sometimes providers also change things without telling you :rolleyes: which can cause such "surprises". There are providers who prefer not to receive any media while the phone is still ringing, there is a settings "send 180" in the trunk for that.


As a side note: You obviously made backups! Very good, this is your upgrade insurance.

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