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Trunk change required with v4.5.0.1075


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I upgraded our PBX to v4.5.0.1075 to fix a problem with address book entries not resolving against incoming calls, but this caused another problem this morning where all our calls were returning 403 Forbidden from Voipfone. I spoke with Voipfone who did a SIP trace and said that we were sending 500@pbx as the ANI for the trunk, despite the ANI in the trunk on the SnomONE showing as the correct Voipfone account number. I tried rebooting the server, but still forbidden.


I noticed a setting in the trunk called "Caller ID update on trunk" which was set to "Don't update". As an experiment I set this to "SIP INFO" and tried a test call, which worked. So, somehow between the last version we were on and this version, something changed in the PBX that stopped the correct ANI being presented on the trunk without the "SIP INFO" change.




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Yes, the upgrade from 4.3 to 4.5 comes with the problem that in many cases, you have to review the trunk header representation. 4.5 adds great flexibility, and this way you can deal with practically all providers (take a look at http://wiki.snomone.com/index.php?title=Trunk_Custom_Headers); however this is not 100 % backward compatible and you might have to try again a few combinations. The good news is that most prople who upgraded found the right combinations after a few tries.

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