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Call Park on Analog Extension


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Is there a way to park a call from an analog extension? I thought maybe pressing the flash/hook button and then putting in the correct star code, but the message I get is that there's no call to pick up. I assume it's trying to retrieve a call from the park orbit, not send one to the park orbit. My park and retrieve codes are both *85. Thanks so much.



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Hmmm, I tried making the park and retrieve codes different. When i try the call park code from an analog extension, it's just dead air. This is my sequence of events:


1) answer a call on the extension

2) press the flash/hook button (I now hear a dial tone)

3) dial my call park code *85, followed by the park orbit number 98

4) hear dead air


If i try the call retrieve code, *86, it just says there is no call to pick up.


Call parking and retrieving does work from the Snom IP phones.


Any ideas? I'm stumped.


Thanks so much,


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Based on the result, I believe the call is not even parked. How is this analog extension connected to the PBX? Maybe an ATA? If the ATA sends proper SIP messages, then the operation would work.


It is connected via a Linksys PAP2T Gateway. It's been working for other things like transferring calls. Any idea where to start looking?

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