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Runaway PBX

Bill H

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Version: (Win32) PBXnSIP



We have had this trouble for some time and it comes and goes with no rhyme or reason that I can find.


This trouble has occurred in two different servers.



The problem:


The phones stop working because the PBX is using 97% or more of the CPU.


Normally it is around 32% when it is running.


I stop and start the PBXnSIP Service and sometimes it will start running OK (with 32% CPU usage)and sometimes I need to stop and start it several times (with 97% CPU usage) before it runs normal.


That gets it working again untill the next time it fails.


Any ideas?

Has anyone seen this trouble??


I have an additional trouble which I believe is unrelated and will post it in separate post.

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Thank you for your input(s).


I have seen first-hand the "Fake Registration Flood" via Wireshark.


Since we have Version 3 I usually stop the service, add the offending IP Address to the Access Folder manually and restart the service.


A little awkward but it works.


In this case, this is not the source of the trouble since Wireshark shows no flooding.


I believe that we have not moved to Version 4 (SnomOne) is because the File System (XML) is different and we may need to re-program everything.


Am I correct on this or not?


Any other ideas???

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The upgrade should be 95 % smooth. You'll probably have to check your SIP trunk header settings when upgrading to 4.5, but the rest of the config data should be okay. You can try this off-hours (rainy weekend is perfect for that) by (1) make a backup of the working directory of the PBX and (2) replacing the rexecutable with the 4.5 image. This would be also an excellent possibility to move from 32 bit to 64 bit, if your operating system is 64 bit. If it goes well, you can keep it that way and enjoy the latest features. If not, well then you can just restore the backup and continue with 3.4, and work on a transition plan to eventually move to 4.5.

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off subject--but related:


this thread is excellent example of why partners and snom themselves needs to promote staying on the latest version of communication software.


snom's current unclear "upgrade path" around licensing is not helping this issue. The only consistent message i'm hearing is "buy the next version when it comes"---this is not a way to incentive people to stay on latest version...actually it is a way to keep them on ancient versions ;-)


My suggestion is market this: "your comunication platform is never outdated" and sell something like a "stayupdated for another year/3yr" license at 20% of original license.

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