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Dial Plan Issues in Epsilon Geminids (CentOS64)

Jim B

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We recently upgraded to Epsilon Geminids (CentOS64) and are having an issue where PBXnSIP (snomONE Blue) is generating a "default Dial Plan for every phone configured rather than using the Domain Specified Dial Plan.


We have a dial plan in our domain called "TESTING" with only one pattern:




Extension 105 has "TESTING" set as it's dial plan


I've done a RESET on the phone to ensure auto-provisioning gets the PBXnSIP generated information.


The dial plan the phone gets (by going to WebUI Settings:


user_dp_str1!: !^(1[0-9]{10})!sip:\1@\d;user=phone!d !^([2-7][0-9]{2})!sip:\1@\d;user=phone!d !^(8[2-7][0-9]{2})!sip:\1@\d;user=phone!d !^([2-9]11)!sip:\1@\d;user=phone!d


The only customized templates we have are :






and user_dp_str is not mentioned at any of our customized XML


Also... the AUTO_DIAL, OVERLAP_DIALING and NUMBER_GUESSING are all set to OFF, yet the phones keep dialing after the 3rd or 4th digit. Before this PBXnSIP release, we had to press the CHECK key to actually dial.... no the phone seems to have a mind of it's own.


What is the solution to this issue and when will it be available? Setting the DP on each phone is an unacceptable solution.



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There are no PnP Settings under Domain........


Well.. after MUCH trial and error, I found the only way to get this to work is to modify the PnP Template snom_3xx_phone.xml and comment out the following line:


<!--<user_dp_str idx="{lc}" perm="RW">{dialplan snom}</user_dp_str> disable to allow PBXnSIP Dial Plans by Domain -->


Nothing else works properly.



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If you only update the Domain Settings (and I finally found that), it still does not give you the granularity you need if you have multiple Dial Plans (sites in more than one area code.. ).


If you leave the phone's dialplan set (in the Template), you will NEVER see the PBXnSIP dial Plans you create under the domain. This seems to be a change, but I could be wrong.... regardless, the WIKI doesn't really explain this well at all.



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Yes... IMHO it is absolutely okay to edit the settings that are provisioned on the phone. There are so many of them, and it does not make sense to "babysit" them all on the PBX web interface. The domain setting for a PnP phone dialplan covers only the most obvious cases. If you take star codes into consideration, the picture gets really difficult.


Apart from that I believe that most customers are okay today with pressing the green button to start the call, just like on the cell phone.

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