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soap stopped working


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hi there,


seems snom one stopped reporting the call records to our external billing service.

i did a `tcpdump 'tcp port 80'` and could not find anything.

i am running: Epsilon Geminids (MacOS)

the log shows the the soap message.



[9] 20120815134144: SOAP: Store CDR in http://server.com/pbxhandler

<env:Envelope xmlns:env="http://schemas.xmlsoap.org/soap/envelope/" xmlns:sns="http://soap.com/pbx"><env:Body><sns:CDR><PrimaryCallID>44df2b506b78-n3cmwojfjm9c</PrimaryCallID><CallID>44df2b506b78-n3cmwojfjm9c</CallID><From>"Name Name" <sip:33@domain.com></From><To>Name Name <sip:+12223334444@domain.com;user=phone></To><Direction>I</Direction><Type>extcall</Type><RemoteParty></RemoteParty><LocalParty>33</LocalParty><TrunkName></TrunkName><TrunkID></TrunkID><Domain>domain.com</Domain><LocalTime>20120815134125</LocalTime><TimeStart>20120815174125</TimeStart><RingDuration>15</RingDuration><Extension>33@domain.com</Extension><TimeConnected>20120815174139</TimeConnected><DurationHHMMSS>0:00:05</DurationHHMMSS><Duration>5</Duration><TimeEnd>20120815174144</TimeEnd><IPAdr>tls:x.x.x.x:37191</IPAdr><Quality>VQSessionReport: CallTerm


Timestamps:START=2012-08-15T17:41:39Z STOP=2012-08-15T17:41:44Z


FromID:"Name Name" <sip:33@domain.com>;tag=4t5vatwuk1


SessionDesc:PT=9 PD=g722 SR=8000 FD=20 FO=160 FPP=1 PPS=50 PLC=3

LocalAddr:IP= PORT=61468 SSRC=0x01316bb1

RemoteAddr:IP=x.x.x.x PORT=32896 SSRC=0xdfa6c145

x-UserAgent:snomONE/ Epsilon Geminids


PacketLoss:NLR=99.2 JDR=0.0

BurstGapLoss:BLD=100.0 BD=152 GLD=0.0 GD=7385 GMIN=16

Delay:RTD=0 ESD=0 IAJ=977

QualityEst:MOSLQ=4.2 MOSCQ=1.0



any idea?

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hi there,


not possible, i am posting to an google app engine app hosted on appspot.com.


these are the tcp dump command i used:


tcpdump -i lo0 'tcp port 80'

tcpdump -i vlan3 'tcp port 80'


is there a way to get support for this issue?



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Looks like the problem is that your destination advertises both IPv4 and IPv6 addresses. In 4.5, the PBX prefers IPv6. If your server has no IPv6 connectivity, that will fail.



  • Get IPv6 working
  • Change the DNS so that you advertise only IPv4
  • Use the IP address
  • Start the service with the argument --ipv6 false (e.g. pbxctrl --dir /pbx/dir --ipv6 false)
  • Upgrade to version 5, where IPv4 is being preferred against IPv6

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