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2 clients speak together


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The operator (account 10) takes a call, then with the BLF key (account 50) she called account 50 to tell him customer "A" want to speak with him.

Meanwhile a client "B" called account 10.

The operator transferred customer "A" to account 50 by pressing 2 times transfer

And it's "A" and "B" that are connected together, this happens 2 or 3 times a day, why?


SNOM 370 ( and snom one blue Epsilon Geminids (

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Hi Everyone,


We have this on the older 4.3 builds and the new 4.5 builds. Only happens for us a few times a month at our bust site (so hard to capture/reproduce) but is embarrassing!


One company is a medical center and getting 2 patients talking together is not a good look.


I have tried to re-create it hundreds of times, and cant. Bu it happens.


Any ideas?

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I m happy to see that i m not alone with this problem (thanks skyplonk ) , but another problem with M9 and snom 300 , sudenly the call is cut at the begining i thought it was only with M9 so i put only 2 M9 with one base but it also happend with snom 300 and sometimes the client is with nobody or speaking with another.

My client had those problems since 8 month and my client begins to no longer be patient.

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Well it is hard to produce. So we need to find out how we can narrow it down. Wireshark has options to gather 24/7 traces, which would be one way to get more insight. The other way would be to check if there is a special way of transferring the call. I would not exclude that the phone tells the PBX to connect them together; for example maybe it is too easy to choose "conference" instead of "transfer". We can set up automatic testing for 1000 transfers, but I would give that a low probability for problems. We have to keep in mind, that most other installations with less heavy transfer traffic obviously don't have problems in this area.

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