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After reboot phones not registering


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We had to power off our snomONE plus at the weekend and the restart on Monday morning has caused no end of problems. They are:

  • Phones not registering
  • System hangs whilst trying to do an update
  • Config lost for Sangoma A500 card
  • Netborder Gateway backup does not work as it is from an earlier version (4.1.6 - current 4.2.2)
  • Netborder Gateway Manager will not start


Sangoma support are looking into the A500 issues but I need to resolve the phone registration problems. It seems to me that on every reboot something else is not working.


Can anyone point me in the direction of why phones that had been working for 8 months now will not register?



Stephen Westrip

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I would first check if the hardware is still okay: Does the box reach to ping? Can you log in to the web interface? In the web interface, can you check the access (maybe your phones just have been blacklisted for a day or two).


Thanks for the reply.


Yes, I can ping the box; Yes, I can log into the interface; I can never remember where I can see whether a phone is blacklisted or not but I thought I whitelisted our LAN.

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It actually seems that netborder express grabbed port 5060 on the system. This seems to be a (rare) race condition during bootup; we are checking if there is a way to make 100 % sure that the gateway does not grab port 5060.


While you are looking at Netborder Express could you find out why the gateway manager is not running. I believe it is something to do with a version conflict. We have 4.2.2 running and I restored a backup on Monday which was from version 4.1.6. It was at that point that the gateway manager failed to start on reboot.

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