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System -> Settings -> General -> NAT Fresh


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I'm trying to understand the difference between these following fields;


NAT Refresh time

Minimum Registration Time:


Is either connected?

What would happen if you had 30 (NAT) and 120 (MRT)?


I need to have an understanding of this. The wiki states that the MRT is the

time that the phone waits before it try's and reconnects after a disconnect.

Does it keep it separate to the NATf refresh?

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The PBX makes a difference between the devices that seem to come from a routable address and devices that seem to use a address that is not routable. A address is routable if the seen IP address matches the one in the top Via header. Also, if the user agent includes a outbound hint, the PBX will always assume that the device is behind NAT.


If the address is routable, it just checks if the proposed refresh time is within the minimum and maximum refresh time and if it is too short or too long it puts it back into the limits.


If the address in not routable, it picks the NAT refresh time.

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