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Auto attendant issue


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The # will be ignore on the system because it has no special meaning on the AA level.


[7] 2012/11/27 11:19:05: Received RFC4733 DTMF on codec 101

[6] 2012/11/27 11:19:05: Received DTMF #, call type attendant

[8] 2012/11/27 11:19:05: Play audio_en/aa_enter_extension_number.wav space10 audio_en/aa_general_assistance.wav space20, caching false

[8] 2012/11/27 11:19:05: Attendant: Ignoring the DTMF # in the state ask_extension

[8] 2012/11/27 11:19:05: call port 480: state code from 200 to 200

[8] 2012/11/27 11:19:05: Packet authenticated by transport layer

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Kudos, this is known by designed but because there is already a mechanism in place, ex #2, the system is searching for an extension to match. This is a feature request, maybe it will be available on 4.5. and 5.0 down the road, you can tell the user to press 2 or another digit that's available on the system for now.

Lets see what development says.. :D

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