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International Dial Plan for use whit Telcentris


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PLease i need help ;

I have trouble to set up the dial plans for outgoing international using Telcentri termination , My National plan work ok , But I can do it whit International


Here is what Telcentric what to do , Can someone explain it to me and please send me scream shot ,


Thanks Please see Below Telcentris Information



Provisioning a TelCentris SIP Trunk

Information you will need

• Voice Gateway:

◦ Use the IP in your SIP Trunk form to send and receive calls

◦ The Host IP for voice traffic is

• Domestic Dialplan:

◦ All calls must be Sent and Received in 11 digit format

▪ For example, 8585551212 should be sent as 18585551212

• International Dialplan:

◦ Outbound international calls should be send without the prefix 011

▪ For example, 011440205551212 should be sent as


Configuring the TelCentris SIP Trunk

Add a new SIP Trunk Definition/Node/Entity to your PBX settings and label it "telcentris".

Please use the following settings:

• Voice Gateway: This is or Voice Gateway IP address provided in

your SIP Trunk form

• Codecs: G.711u/a, G.729

• DTMF Method: RFC 2833

• Registration: NO

• Send and Receive calls without Registration: YES




Configuring the Outbound Route in your Dial Plan

Utilize the SIP Trunk Definition/Node/Entity labeled "telcentris" that you just configured

as the destination for the outbound route in your Dial Plan. The Outbound route

examples below accommodate for US 11, 10, or 7 digit dialing as well as International

dialing using 011.

• Dial Patterns: Identifies which of the following digit patterns to match and to

designate as eligible to send out this SIP Trunk

◦ 011. - Matches any number beginning with 011 for International

◦ 1NXXNXXXXXX - Matches US 11 digits

◦ NXXNXXXXXX - Matches US 10 digits

◦ NXXXXXX - Matches US 7 digits

• Dial Rules: Digit Modifications (Prepend/Strip) to digits dialed as it is sent to the

telcentris Sip Trunk. Send digits to the TelCentris SIP Trunk as follows.

◦ X. - For International, Match 011 but strip 011 leaving only X. it when

sent to the SIP Trunk

◦ 1NXXNXXXXXX - For US 11 digits, Send as is with no modification

◦ 1NXXNXXXXXX - For US 10 digits, prepend with a 1 to 10 digits dialed

◦ 1858NXXXXXX - For US 7 digits, prepend with 1858 to 7 digits dialed or

replace with 1 and your local area code

• Trunk: Specify "telcentris" SIP Trunk created in your Trunk settings as the

outbound path.

Save and reload your configurations, and your Provisioning is complete.

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