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New Registration Problem Using Flowroute


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I've been using flowroute as my voip provider for many months without problems. Starting this morning, I find that I'm unable to make outgoing calls -- my registration fails.


I logged onto flowroute and found that my sip password had been changed, so I changed it to match on my system. This did not solve the problem.


I then looked at an attempted registration using tcpdump (attached) and sent it to flowroute support. [Note that there are some extra captured records having to do with the m9 phones on the system.]


Flowroute support responded:


We have not changed anything in how our servers interconnect with your system. If your SIP credential password was reset, this would have been done thru the Interconnection tab of the Flowroute Manager. You will need to enter this new SIP credential password into your system.


In the captures provided, INVITEs and REGISTER requests are responded to with a 401/407 request for credentials, your system is then resending the original request without credentials. Please correct your system configuration to authenticate via SIP credentials. I am unsure why your system is not sending the requested credentials. You may need to consult your system documentation or contact Snom for support.


Since I started to write this, the system has magically started to work.


Do you have any comments about the contents of the log? (I'd sure like to know what I should do if this happens again.





Kenneth Lerman


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I am also having an issue with outbound calls. I am getting 200 register and receiving calls fine. I suspect my issue is in the custom headers. Does anyone have a screen shot of what they need to be? Thanks!



PM me the account and we will figure that out for your and document it for everyone.

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