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Agent group: Redirection doesn't work


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there is a version out that would be worth upgrading to first ,



but you should be all set from what you are describing , you are doing it correctly ..


I would try to narrow down where the bug is, try to reduce the timeout to say 10 seconds, then try to redirect to an extension, then an Auto Attend, then maybe a cell phone and see if any of them work ..


also check the SIP logs and be sure the time and date is correct, this could possible casue an issue for you ,


and third when you test it , crank the SIP level to 9 and see what happens after the 10 seconds, if you don't see a redirect request then it is obviously the queue that is the problem (software issue with the feature) or if it fails then it could be an issue with it not liking the destination etc ..



2.1 has some major upgrades to the ACD functions and they are supposed to be much more dependable now, the old versions were rather buggy ,,



grab a quck ethereal trace off the server too and filter for SIP, it will give the best info ..




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After 30 seconds, the call is still in the queue.


The redirection timeout starts counting when a call goes into the ringback state - searching for an agent to pick the call up. The purpose is to redirect the call for example to a cell phone when all agents are out. Useful for small groups, for example sales groups when calls are coming in after hours.


The other timeout that starts after entering the ringback state is the escalation time. It is used to include more agents in the group of ringing extensions. This is useful to include "boss" type of agents that usually should not be disturbed.


If the escalation time is higher than the redirection timeout, then the redirection will kick in before any of the escalation agents has the chance to pick up the call.

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