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Not enough time for "Offer special menu when call is answered on cell phone" option when Using the Redirection option for Simultaneous call to Ext


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Hi everyone,


we are trying to achieve the following:


We have activated the Redirection option to Cell phone number in Turkish Language and When someone calls a specific extension in our office both will ring his extension and GSM number.


The callee will answer from his GSM phone and he'll get the list of "Offer special menu when call is answered on cell phone" in Turkish Language however, it doesn't offer the whole menu as it only prompts for 10 seconds or less.


Could there be any option for extending the time ?


Any help is appreciated.

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I just made a test in both english and turkish, it seems that in English the call lasts for 12 seconds and the menu is offered until option 5.


in Turkish the call is connected for 14 seconds and the menu is offered however numbers are not mentioned in the recording. is there away to find out which files in snomone folder are used for this scenario ? I would like to check the original records.



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The Turkish recordings were made before the cell phone options were added to the code. That is probably another issue here. The following prompts are used in the cell phone menu: aa_connect_call.wav, aa_reject_call.wav, aa_voicemail_call.wav, aa_redirect_call.wav, aa_park_call.wav, aa_send_operator.wav, aa_redirect_dest.wav, aa_add_callback.wav and aa_callback_added.wav. Maybe you can use *98 to quickly record those in Turkish. Eventually, we have to record the whole set again.

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Yeah I uploaded them through the PBX upload option with the required format and it uploaded however, i'm not sure to which name should I change it! I have listened to the English version of the audio files one by one and haven't find the one which is intended for this option "Offer special menu when call is answered on cell phone".


I would be grateful if you could help me with this.


Thanks :rolleyes:

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