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Maximum number of calls per domain


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This is probably a strange question but here it is. I remember reading somewhere in documentation that each SIP call takes two channels TX/RX so in an essence it is two calls. If the customer purchases two "lines" do I set up maximum number of calls to 2 or 4? Or better yet I want to limit him to 2 concurrent calls at which point either incoming or outgoing call will get busy signal. Which setting should I use?

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Yea there was a lot of confusion about calls and call legs. A call may have multiple call legs, for example when calling a hunt group during the ring phase there might be many of them. The problem is that for the PBX and from a resource point of view, call legs are important. But for the user, the term "call" usually refers to a call object with multiple legs, and that is what is usually sold to hosted PBX domain tenants.


To put the long story short: In the domain, calls means calls, not call legs.

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