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Guest Enjoyingthesun

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Guest Enjoyingthesun

Sorry for asking this again, I know it has already been answered just can't find it and have given up the search.


I want to display am IP Camera on my 870 Display and there are some peculiarities of the way the URL is written. I know I've read the article on this site but didn't print or save it.



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Other suggestion is add this to some local server on your network. The way I got video to work on the snom870 isn't all that hard, as long as you can see the video camera on the web browser without enter user/password then this approach should work, if your camera supports CGI cmd then you can use this script.


Copy paste this syntax to a notepad and name it Video6.xml


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>





<fetch mil="5">ENTER YOUR WEBSERVER ADDRESS /Video6.xml</fetch>



NOTE: Video6.xml is the what your going to save it on your webserver.


when you upload the above file into your webserver the address should be something like this: http://mywebserverIP.com/Video6.xml

then add http://mywebserverIP.com/Video6.xml to the snom 870 button, you should see an image on the phone when you press the button.


Here is an example, copy paste this address to your 870 action URL button.




also check http://wiki.snom.com/XML/Minibrowser/Video


"Videostream" from public webserver

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