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Callee vs Caller- Callee name not displaying


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I think this is a simple question/fix.

I have a client with 20 snom 821s. They are on Firmware ver

When A (caller) calls B (callee), the display shows callers name and ext # but not the callee name, only shows ext #. This is an ext to ext call. My client wants the name and the ext to appear on the display when calling internally.

I have the checked the web interface and under Preferences i have the "Number Display Style" set for "name number" for all extensions. In addition, all user Identities have first and last name in the Displayname field.

Is this a firmware issue or am I just missing sometime simple. Thanks in advance for your help!





We provide a hosted service to clients using PBXnSIP ver

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Good day!


We have a similar problem: wrong calles name.


When extension 2067 with name "Michael" calls extension 2012 (name - Kate), Michaels phone display shows name: Valentine. Kate and Valentine are sitting in the same room. And Valentines phone has functional key, wich can pickup calls for 2012. How do I make the names displayed are correct? Thanks in advance for your help!


It seems to me that the problem occurred after the phone upgraded from version 8.4.35 to version


SnomONE - Epsilon Geminids. All phones - Snom 320

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Thanks for the reply!


But this problem is present on the 8xx series telephones with firmware Downgrade firmware we can not because we need MJPEG.


I tried to play with XML-parameters prioritise_pbx_number_lookup and contact_source_priority. For example on the recommendations from the website wiki.snom.com:


<prioritise_pbx_number_lookup perm=""> off </ prioritise_pbx_number_lookup>

<contact_source_priority perm=""> Sip Ldap InternalTbook Memory </ contact_source_priority>


In this case, Michael dialing 2012 sees no name, sees number 2012.


I tried to upgrade to version PBX SnomONE Check the license on the site https://snomone.com/upgradev4. But after updating the status of the license: No license. And accordingly phones can not register on the PBX.


Any other suggestions?

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