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Cell number CSV Import Domain Address


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Hi Guys


Can not get the cell number to import in Domain Address book from csv in 5.07.


Using the following format -


First name,last name,number,cell


I get the number repeated in the cell field. Any ideas?


Also would it be possible to get some more domain default options as the updates go on?


Changing "Include local extensions in the phone address book" to "No" on 96 extensions is a painful process.


Another Phone System I work with uses a "copy to all extensions" option with a confirmation on certain parameters.


Makes big installs a lot less painful and would be handy on the Snom.

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Well, well, well... It was simply still buggy. Next version will have it fixed.


Confirmed fixed in 5.09. Thank you :-) Add it to 5.09 bugfixes


Note (few little bugs, nothing major)


1) If an entry has nothing in the number field only in the cell, that entry will not import. so if you are creating a csv with entries with just cell numbers you will need to put a number in the number field then delete once imported.


2) If you do delete a number from an entry in the domain address book, you can no longer go back to edit that entry.

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