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Auto-provisionning Snom 710 / SnomONE mini


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I realized that for the Snom 710, it was necessary to perform a particular manipulation to add in the database provisioning of SnomONE mini (manipulation to perform on the SnomONE mini (Templates) Snom 710 autoprovisionning Snom 710

I carefully followed the manipulation but I could not do self-provisioning with the Snom 710.

It is there something else to configure?


Thank you in advance

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In version 4, snom 710 was not available yet; that's why it is not included in the V4 builds. In V5, snom 710 is included.



OK Thank you


But I have a problem in v5.0.9, I can't do auto-provisioning on Snom 710 (firmware and on Snom 720 (firmware


- I create extension, for example:


Account number: 710

Name: ...

Surname: ...

SIP password: ...

Web password: ...

PIN: ...





Merge with the MAC address: XX-XX-XX-XX-XX-XX


After that and reboot, normally, Snom 710 and 720 connects auto-provisioning with mini snomOne no?

In v4.5 It worked, but in v5, not worked


I also noticed that on my extensions, now I have an indicator "b" = Account is not licensed

I can not remove extensions

I have the right to 10 extensions without a license it is that, it should work?



HELP ME pliz




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No, the m9 is different than the other snom devices that's why there is a special setting for the m9. Are you already on 5.0.10? The 720 should be upgraded to 7.3.19 first; the 7.2 version is not suitable for snom ONE and the automatic provisioning.



Yes I upload my SnomONE mini --> v5.10

Snom 720: v8.7.3.19 (v8.7.2.9 --> v8.7.3.19)

Snom 710: v8.7.3.19

Maybe I have a problem with the license (see picture) I feel that my active license SnomONE mini v4.5 before updating to missing ... ?


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Ok, so i would like to retrun to version 4.5 to enjoy the "license tests" which SnomONE mini comes in buying this one. I'm still in the phase of testing products (SnomONe mini, Snom 720, Snom 710). Could you give me the handling to deliver the SnomONE mini v4.5. Will I find the license was based record.

PS: I did not took the time to note the "XXX-XXX-XXX-XXX" license (I thought it was related to the same product after reset, update ...)



How to do ?

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The snom ONE mini has an activation code (Mxx-xxx-xxx-xxx). If you loose your license during an upgrade, you can use that code to re-activate your system. If you have trouble doing that or have lost the activation code, you can contact support and we'll dig the information out for you.

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