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Snom One Plus.......problem after problem after problem


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I have a Snom One Plus with a Sangoma 4 FXO card that we use with our 4 analog lines.



I am still having the same if not more MULTIPLE problems with this equipment and right now I am so frustrated I feel like quitting and getting a new system.



Problems are as follows:


Low incoming audio levels on my Sangoma A200 card that are very evident on my Snom 821 phones


870 phones that will now not dial out on my ITSP (Nextiva) I can use the 821's just fine its only the 870's they will still receive calls


If I adjust the incoming audio on the Sangoma card the unit fails and will not let me dial out it only works on factory defaults.


I have been trying to configure a Patton 4114 since last Saturday and I am about ready to send it back.


This isnt even a complete list its just all I can think of right now after being up until 2:30am working on this stuff



I know this may not sound like much to you guys that have been doing this stuff for years but for me and my first time installing this equipment with no training on any of it its beyond miserable. I just had this project dumped on me..."here do this". I dont mean this with any offense in any way but the responses I have got on here though greatly appreciated have not helped very much other than focusing the area that needs to be looked at. Part of that may be my inability to ask the right questions because in some way I am in the dark on what is even going on.


Thanks again for the help and letting me vent.

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It sounds like a nice idea at first glance to have a box that has everything inside (snom ONE plus). However they way the snom ONE plus works internally is indeed a challenging setup.


However it surprises me that you also have problems with Patton. This setup should be (relatively) simple.

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Hi AG1,


We have several snomOne+ with both analog and digital sangoma cards. I agree the setup is far from being a turkey solution, but it is not that difficult once you get into the snom mindset of doing things.


A couple of things:


1) did u run the autocalibration for the sangoma card?

2) are the analog lines directly to the sangoma or is there any equipment in between?


I can not comment about the patton...tried one to configure one, but I hear their technical support are great. Try them out.


Once the snomone+ is working, is pretty good.

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