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Park Orbit announcement off


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Would it be possible to get the option in each park orbit to turn off the "your call has been parked on orbit number" announcement?


When using park orbit buttons there is no need for the announcement.


On 7 series handsets it is annoying but you can just ignore it and continue mid announcement your next task, which is usually hit an intercom button or page key to alert another party of the parked call on that key ( I usually name the park orbits Park 1, Park 2, Park 3 so the announced orbit number never matches anyway)


But when using an 870 it becomes a pain.


I provision my 870's up so virtual keys are on idle and stay up (even when handset is lifted).

The only time they go off is if your in a call or dialing.


Problem is instead of a going straight back to virtual keys after a park button is pressed you have to either wait for the announcement finishes or you have to hit the cancel key before the virtual keys re appear.


I know its not a huge problem but would make using 870's a little less cumbersome , and also make smaller installs a little user friendly when there is no need for the orbit to be announced.

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you can remove the announcement from the audio_en I believe, The file is called code_park however you will still hear what number the call has been park on example _____3

whatever the park orbit number is.


Is it at all possible for it be considered in a future update?


Excluding the above problems - telling customers who use park buttons just to ignore the voice prompt may not be a big deal, but it does make the system seem sloppy.


There is no need for it when using the Snom One product as a Small Key System.

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