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Phone requires + to dial out

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I am using the * wildcard in my Dial Plans setup with a single trunk. However the phone complains about needing me to dial in this fashion: +1xxxxxxxxxx. I need no plus, and for local calls I'd prefer being able to dial out without putting the 1 in, and just dial areacode + 7. Is this possible?


Would the + requirement be the SNOM phone?

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It is the phone. It says it needs to be dialed using the e164 dialing or something along those lines when you dial without the + sign.

It is a new installation.


I don't know. I have never seen a installation where people had to put a + sign at the beginning of a number in order to dial out. I would rather look at the dial plan and then maybe put the + at the front of the number.

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I just enabled ENUM on the phone, put in 1 for country code and 206 for the area code and it automatically added the +1206 when dialing a seven digit number. Now the only problem is when I put in an area code (as in to dial a different number) it doesn't put a +1xxx in front, it just dials the number as I put it in and this is what PBXNSIP says:


SIP/2.0 404 Number not in e164 format, example +12125551212

Via: SIP/2.0/UDP 67.xxx.xxx.xxx:2054;branch=z9hG4bK-lic0jur614u1;rport=2054

From: "Tanya" <sip:501@domain.com>;tag=7pss29b2s0

To: <sip:4255551212@domain.com;user=phone>;tag=e95c35967e

Call-ID: 3c27ab34c484-13ayr4lhwsm5


Contact: <sip:501@67.xxx.xxx.xxx:5060>

Supported: 100rel, replaces, norefersub

Allow-Events: refer


Accept: application/sdp

User-Agent: pbxnsip-PBX/

Content-Length: 0

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I would not enable ENUM on the phone just to be able to dial regular numbers. ENUM is a long long topic that you probably don't want to touch just to solve that problem. I would solve the problem with that dial plan on the PBX above.


I hooked up a SNOM 320 at my home since it would be easier to test than going back and forth to the office, and it worked almost immediately. There is no + requirement, the dial plan setup on the SIP server works great, and strangely, the phone doesn't list anything in it's own dial plan field. I'm not sure no whether there is some strange legacy setting on the 360 causing this, a firmware version issue or what. I'll wipe out the settings and try and set it up again.


I'm very excited that the 320 works though, thanks for the help!

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