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Outbound DID CID


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Hi Guys


I am having trouble setting the outbound CID of extensions to display the correct DID number on outgoing calls.


I have 10 numbers in a DID range (SIP Trunks) with 029***5000 being the DID primary number.


Problem is all outbound calls seem to send out the CID of the Primary DID number (029***5000) and not the DID assigned to there extension.


Note: Incoming DID call routing is fine, dialing one of the DID numbers will route the call to the assigned extension I assigned in each accounts settings.


Version 5.1.0 Debian 64 bit.

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Hi Mr X


Thanks for the info. So I spent the whole afternoon on this and it has fixed one problem and broken another -


+ When I use P-asserted it works and the DID of the extension is sent on outgoing calls BUT....


- Problem is when using P-Asserted, no calls will redirect back out into the real world. Whether that be to an outside number in a hunt group or an extension redirection set an outside party. The PBX refuses to redirect incoming calls back out of the PBX.

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Unfortunately, the Caller-ID presentation is a difficult topic in the SIP world. Most SIP trunking providers simply don't allow presenting numbers that are not owned by the trunk (spoofing danger). What provider is it? Do they have documentation? Maybe we can add them to the drop-down.


Apart from that, the trunk ANI (DID is for inbound, BTW) might have higher priority than the extension ANI. If you want to define a default ANI, consider doing that on the domain level.

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Hi Snom


Its Engin , they are already in your drop down box but your setting are very outdated and they have a few different products with different settings for each.


We mainly use the sip in dial product. I understand what your saying about spoofing numbers but the out going numbers we are trying to send are part of the 10 number DID range.


Our key system we sell has no such issues and Im certain its only going to be a matter of myself working with Snom and Engin to get the sip headers right.


Like stated above , p-asserted works and the DID CID is sent but it breaks incoming calls being rerouted back out of the Snom One.


Will get some SIP logs to both parties later today for advice.


Should I open a ticket or just PM you?

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