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We are currently on the hosted platform on version 5.1.2 so no licensing issues.We have tried to test this feature on one of our domains with an existing extension which has its own DID. We followed the instructions for this process posted here: http://wiki.snomone.com/index.php?title=Fax#Fax2Email_Setup . In attempt to make this work we have sent a fax from a regular fax machine connected to the POTS analog phone line to the DID number associated with that extension. The VM was set to pick up the call at 2 sec. This email box doesn't have any announcements. The fax never comer through. What are we doing wrong?



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Your trunk provider or PSTN gateway must support T.38. When that is the case, the mailbox must pick up and be either in the FAX mode or play an announcement that is long enough the receive the fax tones. If you are running the PBX in the Internet and not behind NAT, packet loss (which can be still a pain for T.38) should not be an issue.

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