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What is the default maximum number of messages


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Ive got a customer complaining that their voice mailbox is full.


I see that their "Maximum number of messages" is set to default. I cant find this default value. Can someone please educate me on this?


Are there any other factors as far as mailbox quotas go? Any other settings to take into account?

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Hello, i understand that the thread is too out of date, but i have a question.

Documentation o says:

"Extension Mailbox:

Maximum number of messages: This setting allows the user to specify the maximum number of voicemail messages that should be stored at any one time. If the maximum has been reached and a caller wants to leave a new voicemail message, the system will attempt to delete a saved message. If space is still unavailable, the system will inform the caller that the mailbox is full."

But my system is only inform me that the mailbox is full, is there any method to configure how the PBX attempt to delete a saved message.

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The point here is that when the PBX sends out a mailbox message attached to an email, it can mark the message as "saved" (not new any more). Then as more messages keep coming in, older ones automatically get deleted. This makes sense if the user listen to the messages with their email client and not with the phone system.

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