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Licence activation / New server


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Hello. We will move the PBX to a new server on Monday. This will happen on purpose. There has been no crash. We are just reorganizing our IT infrastructure.


I do understand that the licence can be reset only one time on the Vodia website. So we will be left with 0 reset after the move.


What happens in the event of a real crash or if a disc might get corrupted? Will we have to buy a new licence?


I wish there would be a deactivation feature, as there is with many other protected software packages.


What is the idea behind th actual procedure? I hope that we will not have to worry in the future.






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The license itself is for one server. The license reset is in preparation for a server crash. In such an event you don't have to wait until someone gets available (holiday, vacation, office-hours and so on) and use the portal instead.


If your second server crashes, yes then you would have to purchase another license. Again, because the portal is 24/7 at least you don't have any extra downtime because you have to wait for someone.


A workaround that is okay with us is to run the PBX in a virtual machine. If you run the VM exclusively on a physical host, there is no risk of resource conflicts; you get the same call quality as if you run it on a physical machine. The virtualization layer gives you the possibility to make snapshots, so that in the case of a hardware crash you can resume the PBX operations on another physical host.


We also offer an option with an IP-based license. Those licenses have a time limitation and report back every day to our license server, so we can be pretty sure that they are not run on multiple servers at the same time. In such cases we don't care on what server the software is running. Many hosted PBX providers are using this to offer the PBX service on the virtual or physical hardware that they prefer.

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We are moving the system for technical reasons.


Our PBX is running in a virtual machine already (Hyper-V), but our IT people want to move it to a Xen environment. I am no expert on this matter, but it seems they prefer to set up a new machine, rather than converting the vhd.


In that case I would like to change our licence to an IP based licence, because the server needs to be online anyway in order to operate. Is that possible?


Besides: Why not add a deliecence feature?

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