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Yealink configuration w/ buttons


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Ok, please forgive me if I have missed a post somewhere, but I've been searching and searching -a nd I can't come up with a solution.


I am trying to configure the buttons on my Yealink T46g.




This is what I have on my extension so far.


However, the configuration file never updates and, needless to say, the buttons never activate on the phone.


At the bottom of Yealink_common.txt, I see:

memorykey.1.line = 0
memorykey.1.value = {blf 1}
memorykey.1.pickup_value = {blf 1}
memorykey.1.type = 16
memorykey.1.xml_phonebook =
repeated for each key (replace "1" with 2-9)
But I can't figure out how to actually populate those with anything. Adding button profiles for buttons 1-whatever on the extension don't seem to correspond with {blf x}.
Now, that seems to only be part of my problem, as the T46G doesn't use memorykeys, it uses line keys, but hey, one step at a time. If I can get those to fill in with something based on my button configurations, I can then turn around and customize the yealink file for the T46G as appropriate.
Any assistance would be lovely and appreciated.
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From version 5.2.0 on wards, you can configure the Yealink T46G (BLF) with the PBX buttons. Ideally don't configure the first 6 buttons (although you can but Yealink leaves those for lines by default). After that you can configure from 7 to 27 (9 buttons in 3 pages). The 10th button is for changing the page (although they don't make that clear).


From button 101 on wards you can also configure the phone's expansion pad.


Details at:




I hope it helps.

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