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Snom ONE CRM integration.

Jeremy Isherwood

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Has anybody any experience with integration with CRM.


I have read that my CRM can connect to astrix based systems, but can't see how my Snom ONE can?


This is from my CRM setup information.


"PBX systems that are connected to the internet, especially if they are based on Asterisk, will have the ability to run scripts within their call flow. This opens the possibility of integrating phone systems with X2Engine. The action api/voip, which does not require authentication, is the most basic way of doing so where all that is necessary is to notify sales reps when a contact is calling. This gives the rep a window of few seconds (depending on the dialplan, and if the caller is typing in someone's extension directly) to get ready to receive the call when it finally reaches them. It creates notifications for all users (if assigned to "Anyone"), an activity feed event, and if the contact is assigned to someone, it opens a new window with the record on screen in that rep's web browser.

To use it, make a GET request to index.php/api/voip/data/{phone number}, where {phone number} is the caller ID (without spaces, parentheses or dashes) calling in. Note, it may yield better results if the country code is ommitted; the search for contacts is based on serialized phone numbers but also returns the first partial match. So, as long as the data parameter is a unique part of a phone number, it won't match the incorrect contact record."

Thanks for looking.

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Well you may be able to use our Action URL's for this purpose.




We did do something in this area but it has not been released because there is no particular consensus on what to provide in it and what way.


Maybe we can implement some basic call based stuff there. But it has to be well defined as to what is required, fuzzy integration for the sake of integration would not do.

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