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Installation fails for 5.2.n on SBS


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PBX is installed on SBS2003 [which is 32bit]


Installation of 5.2.1 or 5.2.2 proceeds normally,

but fails to startup. I find that the service is stopped,

and it will not manually start (it 'times out').


When I replace the .EXE with the original 5.1.3 file,

the PBX will then start and run.


I suspect (but I have no way to prove) that the URL

update strategy only loads a 64bit image. Here are
the file sizes (as shown by Windows Explorer):

>5.2.2 5,498,880

>5.2.1 5,454,336

>5.1.3 7,493,680

Note how much smaller the 5.2.n files are.


I can't find any way to directly install a 64bit image,

because it can't be downloaded; only a fresh install

will provide that image, and would wipe out this one.


[bTW: I have never been able to run two Vitelity

DIDs at the same time. I was able to kludge the PBX
to run one DID by splitting inbound and output into

two different trunks. But whenever I add a second
DID [either as a single or a split trunk], the other

trunk fails to handle inbound or outbound calls--

even though the GUI shows no registration issues.


I've more or less given up; I've spent a huge amount

of time--and provisioned two trunks for Vodia to test.]


What do I do? Dave


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This should not be necessary but you can upgrade manually by renaming the exe http://vodia.com/downloads/pbx/win64/pbxctrl-v5.2.2-64.exe to pbxctrl

and http://vodia.com/downloads/pbx/pbxctrl-5.2.2.dat to pbxctrl.dat


The pbxctrl.dar is needed for web interface of the PBX, if you can have an old pbxctrl.dat just rename it withe new 1 above


can you try this procedure.

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  • 2 weeks later...

No, neither reply indicates you have read my post.


First, this is SBS2003--not WindowsXP, or any other
desktop Windows OS. I can't say if VS2014 compile
is compatible with this--can you?


And this is (as I said) about the service failing to start--
after an install when appears to complete normally. So

manual upgrade should have no effect on this.


Again this is about the service failing to start--not about
the Web interface either.


Finally, I mentioned the very long-standing issue with
multiple Vitelity trunks failing to work. There was no

mention of this in your replies.


Can you please respond to my post? thanks, Dave

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For you 1st question you can try this link and see why the service fails or takes to long.


you can CP on your post after you get the read out.



Vitelity issue may have to be re-tested on 5.2.2. we haven't had any other issue with other trunk providers.

The issue could be that they're looking at the same IP address? Are you hosting many domain on 1 box is the trunk global?

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As I clearly explained, all I have to do to get
the service to start properly is change the .EXE
file--not the log file. This means that the log
file must have the required '$'--and it does:



When I follow the WIKI article to create a log file,

the response is [in a pop-up window]:

The procedure entry point K32GetProcessMemoryInfo could

not be located in the dynamic link library KERNEL32.dll

This seems to indicate a fundamental failure in the compiled image.

And the executable failed to start; as you'd expect, the service will

not even start manually.


When I change back to the 5.1 .EXE, the program starts instantly,
and appears to create an ordinary log file. This action didn't start

the service automatically, but I started it manually with no problem.


This SBS server is the domain controller; it hosts
only one domain. No trunks are global.



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