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caller id cell phone redirect


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When a call redirects to my cell phone, it shows the original caller ID which is good.


Congrats! You are a lucky guy. Most of the PSTN services do not allow this. What PSTN termination are you using?


Is there any way to set a prefix to the caller ID, so I know the call is coming from the pbx rather than someone dialing my cell directly.


No, at the moment not.....

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I am using a vitelity wholesale account on my in house system. I beleive the brodvox trunks at my clients location also supports passing the caller id. All I needed to do was thet the Remote Party/Privacy Indication: to remote-party-id.


I wish I would be able to manipulate it to change the first digit or 2 of the are code with a code, telling me it is the pbx or mailbox calling.

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