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Call to the secretary when boss's line is available


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a secretary of one of our customers has requested the following feature:


When she worked for another company, many coworkers were asking her to notify them when the boss's line was available (=not busy) to call him. She had a secretary console attached to her phone where she could check the status of all extensions (available, ringing or busy). If an extension was busy, she could press the associated button and the pbx displayed a message that the extension was busy at the moment, followed by a prompt to call her when the call ended. That way she could concentrate to her job without having to check herself every few minutes if the extension was finally available.


Now her colleagues have similar requests and she asked if we can implement something similar.


AFAIK the pbx doesn't have a feature like that. Is it possible that it can be done through the phone itself? She has a Yealink phone (SIP T28P) with a console attached (EXP 38). I read the manual and searched the internet but I found nothing.


Thank you very much in advance for any suggestions/ ideas.

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I guess you are talking about "camp on"? When you call an extension that is busy, the PBX usually offers the caller (if coming from the same domain) a callback when the extension becomes available. This also works when the user is calling from his cell phone.

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