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PnP for Yealink T21

Carlos Montemayor

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I noticed that the model T21 is not mentioned in the list of Yealink models that one can make PnP with. T20 and T22 are listed. I have already tried it and it works, although it does come with a very small problem that can be easily fixed. The problem is that the GUI language gets set to Chinese. Changing the language is not really a problem, one could do it after PnP.


The reason I bring this topic up is only because the model T20 is no longer being offered in my region so model T21 would be the next logical choice as an entry level phone and, if so, I would worry that beyond the evident GUI language problem could be other ill configurations that I may not be seeing just because the features have not yet been required by the end users.


Is there a reason not to do PnP with a Yealink T21? Could we have it in the list of PnP pones?



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I think it was not a good idea to mention individual models, since when it comes to provisioning most of the vendors keep the same in almost all models anyway (especially a series), and rightly so. That means it should be okay to provision them. It's just that at the time of the feature usually all phone models aren't available and don't get mentioned but actually behave the same especially regarding provisioning.

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Got it. So, one less thing to worry about. That is great news. However, in this particular model, there is one different behavior, the language of the GUI. After provisioning, models 20 and 22 get set to whatever language one is using in the pbx, which is great, but on model 21, it gets set to Chinese, which at first, is scary.

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