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CPE system writting on a hosted system CSV

Carlos Montemayor

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I have a hosted system that is handling most of my deployments and it made sense to collect CDRs for billing purposes in its disk. Currently the CDR URL indication in the hosted system is simply: fileto:$C.csv and it is writing a csv file correctly under /usr/local/snomONE. The hosted system is on the public Internet facing it directly (it is not behind anything).


Now. I am about to start some CPE based systems and I would like those systems to write their CDRs in the CSV file that is maintained in the hosted system. I imagine that such a thing should be able to be done. Is that right? And if so, what would be the correct syntax for the CDR URL on the CPE systems?



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After thinking this over, I do realize that it cannot be done as proposed. However, the pbx does provide for a very nice work around. The CPE pbx can send all the outbound external calls to an extension on the hosted pbx. A SIP Trunking solution. In this way, the hosted pbx would be writing the CDRs on its CSV because it is actually terminating those calls.


In this new scenario, what would be the way to go? I mean, should the CPE sip register a trunk as an extension on the hosted pbx? or should it try as a SIP Gateway or interoffice trunk? The hosted pbx is on a public fixed IP, facing the Internet directly and the CPE is behind NAT, although there is a fixed public IP assigned in the router (The CPE pbx is an item on a LAN, I meant to say).



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I don't exact know your setup but what I understand from your query is that you want to use the hosted PBX as a trunk for the CPE?


If so, simply register a trunk from the CPE to one of the the hosted PBX's extension. Then make sure the calls go through that trunk by adjusting the dial plan on the CPE accordingly.


The account of the trunk on the CPE will be the extension of the hosted pbx and its related password and its domain and proxy address etc. will be that of the hosted domain and IP etc.


I hope it helps.



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