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Ringing all extension


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I haven't tried *, but it should work. Try it.


If I remember correctly, extensions are rung in order, lowest number to highest number.


We've always specified the extensions because sometimes we need to change the order in which the extensions are rung, especially with staging groups of 4....


My question would be, "Can you combine declaring the ext specifically and use *




"100 101 200 201 105 205 110 210 * "


This *should* ring 100 101 200 and 201 in the first staging group, then 105 205 110 and 210 in the 2nd staging group, and finally ring all extensions in the 3rd staging group.


Can anyone verify this ?

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Hunt group section only allows extension entry per stage and disregards the * however you can use the * entry in the last stage which you can specify a mailbox greetings in the last stage for example 845*2 for the 2nd greeting of an extension and so on.


check the link below for more tips.



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