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Recomended Firmware for SNOM phones

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We are currently running 5.1.2 of the server software. We use exclusively SNOM phones for auto previsioning. Currently here is what the phones get:


Snom 300 Firmware version 8.4.35

Snom 320 Firmware version

Snom 360 Firmware version 8.4.35

Snom 370 Firmware version 8.4.35

Snom 820 Firmware version 8.4.35

Snom 821 Firmware version 8..4.35

Snom 870 Firmware version

Snom 710 Firmware version

Snom 720 Firmware version

Snom 760 Firmware version


This was the template which came with the pbx when we deployed the current version of the server software. I have few questions:


1. Is this recommended phone firmware for our version of the server software.

2. We are recently experiencing random registration losses with 710's in one of our larger installations. Thee will be a phone or two which will loose the registration while others stay registered. We checked their network switches and they seem to have no issues. Is there recommended firmware update we should use for 710 or any other phones from the list above?


Thanks, Dusan

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This is what we provision in 5.2.4:














For the models that can run 8.4.35 is it probably okay to keep them on that version. The newer models require newer firmware, but from the PBX point of view you are not gaining much running the newer firmware.

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