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Can't change web language to Greek in version 5


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[note: this post is a descentant of post 8019-...-audio-and-web-language-to-greek That original post is being split in two separate loosely related bug-reports in order to better follow the different resolution of issues]


I want to have Greek web UI but I can't make it work in version 5 (was working fine for version 3 and 4).


I've tried switching the following settings to Greek:

1) System Settings -> Default Web Language

2) domain's general settings -> Default web language


I restarted the service after changing the settings


The only thing that changed was that Greek is now pre-selected when I login. However the UI is still English.


This is like really important to us because all our customers are Greeks and some of them don't speak english. However returning to version 4 is not an option.


Posted 31 October 2014 - 01:43 AM by Administrators

Well, I am not even sure what happened to Greek. But we could spend the time to import the V3 Greek language file, that should bring us closer. Then we can do the rest from the web interface with the translations editor.


Posted 31 October 2014 - 11:10 AM by ndemou

[...] We had Greek webUI in version 4 also so the "delta" maybe shorter.



So do I need to try something else? Can I provide more info?

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Okay we have imported the old Greek text into the V5 database (we switched to a real database in V5 instead of the unfortunate CSV format we used before). If you log in to your PBX and activate "edit translation" you should be able to pull the translations down from the cloud. If you give us your activation code (private email please) we can also add you to the list of contributors, so that future builds will have it right.

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