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Phone password after provisioning-custome configuration file?


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We use only SNOM phones for auto provisioning. Under each domain------>advanced----->General Settings------>Provisioning Parameters we create a password and PIN. Once the phones are provisioned we try to log in to the phone via the web interface to change some settings on it. We cannot log in using either password or a PIN. I have found in the "generated" folder on the PBX which contains another seems randomly generated password, but that password seems to give access to the phone only from the phone keypad.


1. What is the correct password to use to log in to the phone via web interface since non we assigned seems to work?


2. Is there a way to have a custom configuration file somewhere on the server file which would provide some parameters to the phone during provisioning process? For example we want the phone to provide audio reminder when caller is put on hold.



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The setting can be provisioning in the pnp template for example for the 3xx you can use the snom_320_phone.xml and add the following line.

<holding_reminder perm="RW">on</holding_reminder>



When provisioning I leave user as admin and change the pass/pin.

Can you remove the contents in the generated folder, reset 1 of your phones and reprov it and see if you can log in?

Also you can then re-check the generated folder and see if the pass/pin match.

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Can you tell us what version of PBX you're running and what the phone firmware is for starters? :ph34r:


You really don't need to change anything here since the pbx provisions these fields if these conditions are met.


1. You don't enter anything in the Provisioning Parameter in this case the PBX will populate these fields for you with a random passwords.

If that's the case then you'll have no clue what the password or the pin are and you'll have to look into the generated folder.


Note: In some cases you can then enter a new user/pass/pin reboot the phones so that they'll get the new parameter however if that fails resetting the phones and re-prov the phone will do the trick and of course check the generated folder for that extension and see if the new user/pass/pin match you have entered.



For example in my Generated folder of my snom_820_phone-004134523.xml you can find the user/pass/pin which you're case should be generated.



Just for simplicity these settings correspond the provision parameter


Authentication user: <http_user perm="RW">admin</http_user>
Authentication password: <http_pass perm="RW">0000</http_pass>
Authentication PIN: <admin_mode_password>0000</admin_mode_password>
So as you can see they are populated and I am able to log into the phone.
Can you retry these steps and see if you can then log into the phone once more. :huh:
1. Re-enter a new pass/pin under the provisioning parameter.
2. Reset a phone to factory default and re-provisioning the phone.
3. Log in.
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