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What is the best way to treat this scenario?


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we are setting up a new customer who is going to have a fairly significant incoming call volume. Many of their sales people are not always at their desks, show room floor, garage etc. They want incoming calls to go to departmental hunt groups where there will be about 10 phones ringing simultaneously when the call comes in. After someone has picked that call they want to be able to put the caller on hold, page the person being called and then park the call somewhere. The person being paged should be able to go to any phone in the store and pick the call. If they don't do it in specific time table the person who answered original call should retrieve the call back and inform the client that their agent is not available. After that the caller can be transferred to the agent's VM. The obvious choice for this was a call parking. The problem is they say when they have 7 incoming calls. How will the person being paged know which parked call is for them if several calls are on hold? We are going to be using Snom 720 models for this so there is plenty of buttons available. Should I use call park or CO emulation or something else?



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The thing about parking is that each call is parked on a specific orbit (the PBX will announce which orbit it was). Then with the page, the orbit can be announced and the user can pick up the call from any available phone.


Holding calls does not sound like a feasible alternative to me, it will be difficult to retrieve the call.

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