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Sonic Wall 190


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We have a customer who has just installed sonic wall 190 appliance. They are using our PBX hosting service. No problems untill the sonicwall was installed. Sonicwall has the latest software 3.09. Snom 320 phones have 6.1.17. After the install the phones cannot register at all. Sonic wall appears to be open and even has our outside server added as a trusted IP for all traffic, still nothing. The customer has talked to sonic wall their tech support is confused as we are. Has anyone experianced this problem and if they have what was the solution?



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There is something on the Wiki http://wiki.pbxnsip.com/index.php/SonicWall, a little bit outdated maybe. Maybe a time to update it and check what the latest versions are.


Yes I looked at that on the wiki and anything else I can find on the forum related to sonic wall. The problem seems to be either with sonicwall latest release or this particular appliance. Everyone including sonic wall support is bafled by it since all settings as they can see it are correct???

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