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Join.me SIP Access

Harlow Tech

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I am trying to figure out how to configure and add a trunk, dial plan, and contact in the global contacts that will allow me to direct call the Join.me SIP line so that we can avoid tying up our other trunks and take advantage of the HD audio. They have their information post at http://help.join.me/knowledgebase/articles/580113-join-me-sip-access


I have already tried setting up a trunk as mentioned at outbound but can not seem to get it to work.


Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Thank you -



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I was trying to setup a trunk and dial plan to dial a SIP URI directly, similar to what was described at http://forum.vodia.com/index.php/topic/3215-sip-uri/


Also the join.me link might not be working, not sure what is wrong with their knowledge base tonight (as when I search for, it says 7 found but only shows one article) here is what it had said:


join.me allows customers using an IP PBX, IP phones, or softphone to directly connect to join.me conferencing. The SIP connects directly through the internet and bypasses the traditional telephone network.

HD Audio

If your IP device supports High definition audio codec (G.722) you can take advantage of HD Audio quality. This codec is usually incorporated into newer IP phones and conference room equipment.

SIP Addresses


  • (non-encrypted SIP access)
  • No registration required
  • Your nine digit conference ID and four digit PIN act as your authentication
Embedding the Conference ID

To bypass the welcome greeting and prompts, use the format below.

  • (non-encrypted SIP access)
  • XXXXXXXX= 9 digit conference ID
  • YYYY= 4 digit pin code


Other supported standards

join.me supports various standards:

  • RFC 2833 standard for in-band DTMF
  • NAT traversal, STUN (will automatically attempt to configure a quality connection with your device or client)
  • Standard codecs G.711 and G.722
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