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AA transfer to external system


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We have the PBX connected via SIP trunk to another SIP system, and we'd like to be able to transfer calls from the auto attendant to this system. We've found a workaround of creating extensions in the PBX, then creating manual contact/registrations to the other system, but this is kind of ugly.


Is there a way to get the AA to look at the dialplan if it doesn't match an extension? So for example, if 3xxx are my PBX extensions, and 5xxx are my other system's extensions (and I have a corresponding dialplan rule) - will the AA look at that?


Currently I can't get it to work, but I thought we'd done it in the past with other installations.

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Can you assign the AA dial plan to a particular extension and see if you can dial the extension from the other machine? If the PBX can call using that dial plan and talk to the other machine then we are half way there.

If you get an error then there you'll need to post a SIP trace of the call.



Best regards

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