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Hi, if you've purchase a license for example "standard 10 " or any Premium bundle" Then webrtc is free. If that's the case all you have to do is re-activate the license and the web-rtc should appear on the user portal and you'll be able to use the Vodia phone and the talk button for your website.



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ok ... I already read that you have said .... but , my vodia pbx have a local ip adress , my router have an alg activated, that route all sip request , then :

when I use the button GENERATE , it generate a script whit local address !! , then I suppose that is easy to change it .....

I did that , but , I put only one nat on my router whit the port 8080 rotate on vodia port 80 , Is this correct?

Have I to rotate also sip port ? 5060 ? I tried on my web site but not work ...... please describe the network flow , then I can open the correct port on my router ....thanks.

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WebRTC is not SIP, it uses different ports (HTTP or HTTPS). You need to make sure that the PBX can also present a routable HTTP and HTTPS address.


The PBX is a server that uses UDP for audio (and sometimes also SIP signalling) and TCP for SIP and HTTP. At the end of the day, you need to make sure that the PBX can represent itself to any device that should be able to route a packet to the presented address (usually called "public IP address", but I prefer "routable address" even though it causes my spell checker to protest). It is a complex topic unfortunately, even with IPv6 things will remain complex. You should take a look at http://www.vodia.com/documentation/server_behind_nat to understand how to operate the PBX behind a firewall; this will also apply to the WebRTC script. I would guess if you have a good router you should put the PBX into a DMZ then things should be working pretty well.

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