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No audio on some calls recently


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We are running the PBX for years with no major issues at all. Version is 5.2.5 with no setting changes for months.


During the last two weeks many external calls that are routed to the IVR do not receive audio.


The audio file is working.

No codecs have been locked.

The IVR works in the internal network.

We don't really have an idea how to fix this.


Could this be an issue caused by the external providers or is there a setting that could be changed on the PBX?


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It is not uncommon that the service providers are changing their stuff without telling you about it. It can also be that your firewall locally updated their policy.


The PBX itself should be a "low-risk" factor, especially if you did not touch it at all. I would imaging that if you are running out of hard disk space you would see problems; or maybe if you upgrade your operating system, and this one also has a local firewall, it could also cause problems.


I would turn on local PCAP recording the the trunk to get some more clue what is happening.

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I have to pick this up again.


In general IVR is working, but there is no audio for callers from two German mobile providers.


Vodaphone and O2 do not receive audio, but all others do, like T-Mobile. Audio is also OK for all calls from landlines.


Strange. Isn't it?

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