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Reason I was asking is that we have two clients that we deployed are having issues with the calls going through VoIP.

Sometimes when they call the other party cannot be heard. They need to call the second time to be able to hear.

I was trying different settings (changing codecs, following settings on their support page, prioritising QoS on the firewall) but no luck so far.

Any suggestions? :)

Thank you.



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The killer feature here is the PCAP recording for the trunk. If you can capture the problem on PCAP, it is quite easy to analyze this, and even many providers love to see PCAP when there are problems, and can point you directly to the problem. We can also take a look.

If it happens only sometimes, it is usually not a problem on the SIP side. In those cases I recommend to check the firewall, e.g. how many concurrent UDP streams it can handle. But you will see that in the PCAP as well.

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