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  1. Hi, It's doing the same on the latest MacOS 3.5.5 app running Vodia 66.0.6 on Windows. EDIT: Sorted after updating to 67.0
  2. tobymac


    Hi, It's in Maintenance - Software update bottom of the page.
  3. Good morning, Try to set the IP Routing List as well. https://doc.vodia.com/admin_sip_and_audio We had one way audio from the internet but working fine internal. Hope it helps!
  4. Hi, Using 65.0 (Win64) Mar 18 2020 20:33:12 Latest (stable) I presume? Thank you.
  5. Update 2: If TLS transport used, Bria doesn't ring on incoming calls. Regards,
  6. Hi, Update: changing the SIP transport in Bria from automatic to TLS solves the problem. Automatic was defaulting to UDP. Tried manual UDP and TCP but no luck. Doesn't get that proper peer IP. Ports are opened fine on the firewall. Haven't tried yet the "Outbound proxy pattern" yet. Will try once the Covid-19 craziness settles down. Regards
  7. Hi, Just noticed that if I do the IP routing list other SIP apps (my case Bria) stops working. For example in Bria in I go to call statistics and the Peer IP is If I leave the IP routing list empty the app gets the peer IP correctly. We never used the IP routing list before. We started using it because we want to use the Vodia app. Any suggestions? Regards
  8. Hi, You need to setup "IP routing list" regardless of your setup as pointed here: https://doc.vodia.com/admin_sip_and_audio If you don't set it up there is no audio on the iOS devices. I'm running V65.0 and iOS 13.4 Regards
  9. Hi, Sorry to barge in but I had this issue before. It's not Vodia's fault I'm afraid. It's actually the snom firmware. You need to downgrade for now or use this beta: http://downloads.snom.com/fw/ or http://downloads.snom.com/fw/ Replace the 300 or 821 with your snom model. But be aware it's a BETA. There is an issue with switching from headset to handset on this beta and probably some other issues. Cheers!
  10. Hi again, Still no update? Thank you.
  11. 5.4.0 resolved the issue. Much appreciated. Regards,
  12. I've opened a ticket and uploaded the PCAP. Thank you. Regards,
  13. Thank you sir Have a lovely day.. Regards,
  14. Reason I was asking is that we have two clients that we deployed are having issues with the calls going through VoIP. Sometimes when they call the other party cannot be heard. They need to call the second time to be able to hear. I was trying different settings (changing codecs, following settings on their support page, prioritising QoS on the firewall) but no luck so far. Any suggestions? Thank you. Regards,
  15. Probably in the future? Regards,
  16. Good afternoon, Just wondering if you have the SIP trunk provider settings or do you plan on adding Voipon to the list? Thank you. Regards,
  17. Hi Vodia, Any update on this? Thanks. Regards,
  18. I can confirm it is indeed fixed. Thank you Vodia team Have a lovely day. Regards,
  19. Sorry to burst in the post. Thank you Vodia for this: "We had cases where the CDR directories contained old records with higher sequence numbers (e.g. 102134.xml). The timestamps in the file system will tell you if they are outdated. If that is the case just move them into a separate directory and restart the service." Just wanted to post a new topic Regards,
  20. Should I still send you that PCAP? Regards,
  21. Hi, We have an auto attendant and 3 hunt groups. When somebody calls the hunt group through the auto attendant you can hear the ring. When somebody calls the extension through the auto attendant you cannot hear the ring. Regards,
  22. Hi, We have the same issue as Cld007. I've checked the audio_xx folder and ringback.wav is there. Played file and plays ok. Any other ideas? Thank you. Regards,
  23. I found the issue. In the address field in Line 1 you need the full address. For example: User 500, needs to be 500@pbx.example.com Regards,
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