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Incoming calls being rejected by PBX


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After plenty of issues with the SnomONE PBX after we upgraded to 5.3.2 and the system rebooted we are finally able to make outgoing calls. I have had Sangoma support working on this for the past few days. They are now telling me that incoming calls are being rejected by the PBX with a 403 response. It is worth saying that this PBX was working faultlessly until it rebooted.


Any and all help gratefully received.



Stephen Westrip

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A 403 code generally means that the call could be identified, but was not allowed. Did you set and permissions for the extension that is supposed to be called (default is that it is allowed).


I would turn on the PCAP recording feature for the gateway trunk, then you can see all the details of the call, including the proposed destination.


Also, double check if the gateway keeps filling up the hard drive with log messages. This was one of the major problems with that setup.


You can also give at Vodia access to the system with a phone number that we can call for testing purposes, and we'll figure it out for you. Please open a individual ticket for this.

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