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On Yealink Phones not able to change ring tone


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Hi, I am using Vodia Version 5.2.5. Our client has Yealink T-29G with latest version registered on Vodia PBX. They are unable to change ring tone on any phone. Even on the phone they select ring 3 but when someone call phone plays ring 1. If we register these phone to other PBX then they are able to change the ring tone. Please advise.

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Under the extension there a setting called "Ring melody" Which a user can toggle and choose a ringtone however the yealink phone needs to be told 1st what to expect in order to play a ringtone, The phone supports 8 tones. It would be best to provisioning the phone so then you'll have the ability to manipulate the yealink template.

Perhaps a video is in order here?

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Hi, Madya


To accomplish distinctive ring on the yealink phone you will need to log into unit and navigate to-----> Settings--->Rings

please follow this sequence:



Internal Ringer Text name should be Ringer1
Internal Ringer File Choose Ringer1.wave
Internal Ringer Text name should be Ringer2
Internal Ringer File Choose Ringer2.wave



and so on until you fill all of the "Internal Ringer Text" and the "Internal Ringer file" until you reach Ringer8. The yealink phone only has 8 internal tones.

Save the configuration.


Then navigate to your vodia PBX and go to your extension edit ---> Scroll down to Ringtone and choose a ringer 1 through 8

When the extension receives a call the vodia PBX will send an alert info header based on the ringer you choose on the extension level.


Please give it a shot and let us know if you're successful.

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