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SIP trunk and remote offices


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Here is our issue. Hopefully someone has some ideas as we are stuck right now:


1) Two main offices each with their own snomONE (4.5) and a bunch of remote offices connected via ipsec VPN and a bunch of floating sip phones connecting via public internet to either of the main PBXs

2) All calls between offices and phones work perfectly and have been like that for the last 5 years or so until we recently had to switch phone providers and had to create a new SIP trunk instead of the old analog trunk we were using.


3) For the SIP trunk to work, we have tried every single setting and configuration we can think of. The only way we manage to make sound travel in both directions (the PBXs are being a Meraki firewall with the correct ports opened and NAT) is to add to the snomONEs a IP Routing List entry like


With this entry, the new SIP trunk work perfectly BUT we loose connectivity of the remote phones. Moreover, the calls between extensions between the main offices only last less than 2 minutes before the call gets dropped.


Any ideas?


Thanks all for the help




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I am not sure if you posted it incorrectly but the ip route should be 192.x instead of 92.x. And just making sure that is the actual local ip of the pbx and if so, how did set it up as both the public and private ip should be an alias for the localhost when you set it up. This setup wouldn't have been necessary when you had the pstn setup.

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Actually, let me ask this in another way:


HQ PBX has the network with the snomONE being the and public IP

Branch A has the and it's phones connect back to HQ's PBX at via the VPN.


It this the correct IP Routing List entry?






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