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We have built 5.4.1 last Friday with the build date Apr 1st. It contains mostly fixes; this should be a very stable build. Please check vodia.com/en/mplan before upgrading if your plan covers this update.


On the new feature side we have added a failover mechanism that can be used on the secondary server to delay the startup process until the primary server goes down. We have also included an action URL for this event; typically it will be used to switch the DNS entries for the server to the backup system. We will see how this action URL works in the real world; it seems that many DNS operators have their own way of authenticating such results. We might have to add more providers as more and more people start to use this feature. It is available only for the hosted edition at the moment.

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It means:


More button types are supported for Grandstream now, like Line, BLF, Speed Dial, Intercom, Voice Mail, LDAP Search etc.

Different types of button sections in different models can now be programmed.


The detail for the different button mapping and more is given in the updated buttons documentation:





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